Everyone chipped by 2017 RFID Verichip REAL ID mark of the beast

Everyone chipped by 2017 RFID Verichip REAL ID mark of the beast

Radio Frequency ID chips will soon be in cash, credit cards, your drivers license, cheap crap at grocery stores, cars, car tires, possibly under your skin.

Wal Mart is mandating its adoption by its suppliers, which will force all of corporate to switch from bar codes, which merely track what kind of product something is, with RFID, which uses an 18 digit number to track which specific product it is. Scannable Fake IDs Bar codes track an model of car tire, RFID would track the specific tire which could then be cross referenced in the great Homeland Insecurity Totalitarian Information Awareness uber database. Simple RFID readers will probably be set up just about everywhere that will then read all RFID chips in the vicinity for plugging into the system. This is far, far more intrusive than the nightmarish vision of George Orwell 1984.

RFID chips don have their own energy source, they are passive. They emit a signal when specific frequencies of radio energy are used to them. RFIDs contain tiny antennas that receive that RF energy and then re radiate their encoded information.

The main problem to their widespread adoption is cost (it too expensive to put them in every cereal box) and the lack of scanning systems to read them in stores. But with mass production and a few billion from Wal Mart, the military, buy fake ids homeland security grants, and other rulers of the Brave New World Order, these technical obstacles will be overcome soon.

masterpiece from the foreword by Bruce Sterling

Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering

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