Good options other than Spectrum Business Phones

Alternatives to Spectrum Business Phone System

First, let’s determine your reason for desiring an alternative to Spectrum Business telephone system:

a) Are you looking for Line Appearance?  Line appearance is where you have a “Light” on your phone that indicate a telephone line, and all the phones share it.  Most Cloud systems do not offer an option or alternative for this such as Comcast.  Most often you are stuck using an auto attendant and directing calls from a menu rather than having them answered when they ring.

b) Are you looking for more user-friendly systems and phones?  Spectrum Business most often uses the Polycom phone and with the Broadsoft programming, it often called clunky by its users.  It is described as harder to use. more steps needed to handle calls, and blamed on users disconnecting calls un-intentionally.

Comcast Business Phone

c) Desire better customer care?  Most people who have “Cable” at home often say they want any other provider than their local “Cable company” also being there business phone provider because the service is often considered horrible.  People describe the experiences as frustrating, to say the least.

d) Desire an alternative to seat pricing?  Does your business have a phone near the copier, one in the lunchroom, maybe phones in exam rooms thus making it expensive to pay for phones barely used?  Yes, these phones are more than conveniences they help your business run more smoothly.  When a staffer is near the copier it allows them to grab a call rather than rush back to their desk phone stopping the task they are engaged with.

In almost all these cases –  There are many great alternatives to Spectrum Business Phone

If you’re looking for simply an alternative to your cable provider you can choose providers like: RingCentral, Nexteva and others but you will often find they are configured similar to your cable provider making them as they say “Clunky to use”.  But, these providers still are an alternative.  Be aware that some of the providers require you to create all the flow routes, call handling and extension settings for your office pbx which can take many man hours of one or more staffers.  I am personally aware of one small business that spent nearly two weeks and at times two employees to figure out all the settings, configurations and extension.  They described having to watch about 10 videos on all these steps and that it took them away from important work tasks during this process.  Keep in mind there is a reason why Phone Technicians exist and as they perform these tasks fairly often can streamline the setup as well as improve call handling as well as avoid costly loss of employee hours.  Telephone System supply is an authorized agent for several of the VoIP Suppliers  Save on local & long-distance business phone service

Upgrade Options

VoiceOne PBX – Cloud or VoiceOne Onsite

Hosted PBX VoiceOne


The preferred system of Telephone System Supply is VoiceOne as it addresses many issues that small businesses find challenging to find in other telephone systems.

With Our Onsite Option –  You gain an upgrade path for: Vodavi STS Upgrade – VoiceOne,  Toshiba DKT Phone Upgrades – VoiceOne

Cloud Phone Systems

Systems to avoid – Vonage for Business is reported to have extensive hidden fees, high tax rates often hiding the true cost of the phone system.


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